Legal Services

Professional and dedicated legal services for different type of cases and every stage of life. 

Family Law

This area of the law requires experience and patience to deal with the variety of issues and emotions with divorce and post judgement hearings.

Our office has extensive experience in the dissolution of marriage, distribution of assets, custody, and visitation rights.

We pride ourselves on using these characteristics to receive a proper equitable result.
A woman embracing a very sad young boy
Model of a home on a conference table with a house shaped key-chain with one key placed by the door of the home

Real Estate Law

Whether you are a buyer or seller, John D'Anton pays attention to the needs of the clients including representing the client at every stage of residential transactions from contract negotiations, inspections, financing, and then the closing.

While many times there is a joy in the transfer of real estate there are circumstances such as an Estate or Divorce which makes this process difficult.

Our office makes the process as painless as possible.

Traffic Cases

If you drive along the streets and highways of New Jersey sooner or later you will be pulled over for something. The Municipal Court is the place to deal with resolution of these tickets.

Anyone who received a ticket has to be well advised as to the consequences of a guilty plea, fines, the points that could go on your permanent driving record.

As a former Municipal Prosecutor and Public Defender, John has vast experience in this area and uses that to get the best results for clients.
Police Officer wearing a bicycle helmet writing a ticket
front of car damage by car accident

Personal Injury

Becoming injured as a result of a fall, automobile accident, or even as a result of a fight creates unique set of facts for representation.

Not only are the injuries painful, but what also must be dealt with first is payment of medical bills, and the availability of insurance to cover these bills; and then ultimately, trying to determine the liability of the person or persons who caused the injury.

Personal injuries are painful to be managed and these cases are never simple to resolve. Years of experience in this area helps make these cases easier for resolution, although no guarantee is ever made as to the result.

At The Law Office of John J. D'Anton, there is a well trained staff ready to represent, and help you with the following issues:

Residential and Commercial taxpayers on Real Property Tax Appeals
Buyers and Sellers of Residential and Commercial Real Property throughout the State of New Jersey
Motor Vehicle charges and lesser Criminal charges
Family Law including Divorce, Custody and Post Judgement Actions
Preparation of simple Wills and Advanced Directives
You deserve compassionate and experienced representation. Give us a call, we're here to help.